Bespoke Crystal Bracelets

Would you like to have beautiful Bespoke Crystal Jewellery custom made just for you? 

It maybe that you are concerned with several aspects of your life right now.

By having a bespoke crystal bracelet made especially for you I can customise the crystals to help with many areas of your life.

Crystals go back to ancient times and are said to have the ability to store healing energy. This energy can help to balance the chakras, cleanse the aura and enhance positive healing.

Wearing crystals on your body can help to remove negative thought patterns and promote a good sense of wellbeing ( mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually) coupled with the amazing healing energy of Reiki.

Bespoke Crystal Bracelets may assist with many ailments and issues such as:-







Digestive disorders

Fertility support



Good Health



IVF support



Menstrual Issues

Miscarriage recovery

Moving forward

New Mummy

New Beginnings


Spiritual Development


Many many more...…………..

How do I order a Bespoke Crystal Bracelet? 

Why choose a Bespoke Crystal Bracelet?

There are so many reasons to choose a Bespoke Crystal Bracelet apart from it looking beautiful!...…..

I personally, lovingly, handmake all the jewellery I sell, myself.

I am an experienced Reiki Master & Teacher. I personally Reiki Bless and programme each and every individual piece of jewellery with the highest intentions for each specific wearer.

I work with intuition and all my jewellery is made in my calm and healing workshop.

I cleanse and charge all the crystals.

Not only will you receive healing energy from the beautiful crystals, but you will also receive Reiki energy channelled at Masters level with the very best intentions.

I use the highest grade of Crystals with Sterling Silver accents. All the components I use are of professional quality.

All my jewellery is delivered to you gift boxed with personalised instructions especially for your beautiful custom made bracelet.

It is made with love from me especially for you x

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